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Kauri Tree NZ Nurseries - trunk

The Kauri Tree

The Timber Giant The slow growing Kauri is one of the ancient podocarps that is among the tallest and oldest in the world. The scientific family, ‘Araucariaceae’ of this tree predates back to the Jurassic era around 150m years ago and is found only in the Southern Hemisphere. Of the Agathis Genus, there are only […]

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Totara Forest from nz nurseries

Totara Tree

Totara Being one of the great Podocarps, the Totara tree is a the lord of the forest and has its been converted since first settlement in New Zealand. Referred to as ‘a chiefly tree’ due to its impressive 30m hight, the great girth of its trunk and high quality timber. The word Totara is derived

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