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Circular Tree Planting

There is a lot of wastage and plastic generated in the running of a nursery, more than might be generally discussed. We are looking to reclaim as many useable pots as possible instead of just saying goodbye to them as we sell the trees, only for them to end up in the landfill. In order to do this, we have put a price on them. 

NZ Nurseries are germinating seeds and growing trees right at the start of the Abel Tasman Track in Marahau, at an awesome venue called The Barn Cabins and Camp. They certainly have branched out into new ideas.

The Pots we use

At the moment we are using root trainers as most of our trees are still quite young. Root trainer play a critical roll in developing the root system down to the bottom of the container.  The holes at the bottom allow for air pruning and the design is ribbed to help encourage growth down.

Four Cell Root Trainers

Root Trainer 4 cell buy back program

The Four Cell Root trainer must be in re-usable condition. This includes all the snips locking together. 

$0.50 Each

Four Cell Root Trainers

Root Trainer buy back program

The Single Root trainer must be in re-usable condition. Minimum depth is 120mm

$0.15 Each

How to claim/contribute back into the regeneration cycle.

You can drop the pots off at our location here at The Barn Cabins & Camp. We are planning on going to the Richmond Markets most Sundays from the Start of Feb to the End of April. Follow our Instagram account for updates! We can also do our delivery run on Sundays if you have any orders you would like us to drop off.

Why even use plastic?

We are looking at doing a final pot up into a biodegradable pot that you can just pop straight into the ground without damaging the roots. We will re-use the starter pots. Just pre-order a month out, so the tree has time to re-establish itself in a new pot! 

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Free delivery in Tasman for $300 orders!

Where Are We?

We are based  at 14 Harvey Road, Marahau at the Barn Cabins and Camp. Its right at the staty of the walk and we sell coffee as well. Come on out for a visit!

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