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Growing Eco-sourced trees for regeneration

Living on The edge of The Abel Tasman Park, we are luckily to be surrounded by one of the best regenerating forests in NZ. We want to help to accelerate this progress and provide eco sourced meaningful trees to the wider Tasman Region.

NZ Nurseries have started out germinating seeds and growing trees right at the start of the Abel Tasman Track in Marahau at an awesome place called The Barn Cabins and Camp. They have branched out into new ideas.

ake ake nz native trees in root trainers

Some Of The Projects We Are Supporting

The Children's Bay Regeneration

Childrens Bay park regeneration and walking track

Over 60,000 natives have been planted in the last 15 years at Children’s Bay Park. Walking tracks recently completed around the entire peninsular now extending out to Moa Point! The entire track is around 2 hours so great for family trips as well with lots of great lookouts.  You are welcomed to explore the track and see the regeneration in real time. Also, you can stay at the original Childrens Bay Woolshed. Loveling renovated it’s located at the start of the Track. All proceeds go to the regeneration and track maintenance.

The Tree Collective

The Abel tasman Park doung the pitt head loop conservation

Tasman Bay Guardians are the founder and co-ordinator of The Tree Planting Collective.

The Abel Tasman Tree Collective aims to pioneer a culture of philanthropy from the park’s international guests.

Directly funding the planning, eco-sourcing, propagation, planting and maintenance of native tree restorations in local protected areas.

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If you have any large jobs, restoration projects, or substantial orders then please contact us directly at 

We can organise planning, planting, plants, and follow-up maintenance for any project in Tasman.

Where Are We?

We are based  at 14 Harvey Road, Marahau. Come on out for a visit!

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