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Totara Forest from nz nurseries

Totara Tree

Totara Being one of the great Podocarps, the Totara tree is a the lord of the forest and has its been converted since first settlement in New Zealand. Referred to as ‘a chiefly tree’ due to its impressive 30m hight, the great girth of its trunk and high quality timber. The word Totara is derived

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Kahikatea NZ Nurseries

Kahikatea Tree

The Tallest Tree in New Zealand Kahikatea is New Zealand’s tallest indigenous tree, growing up to 80m tall. The current tallest tree is in Taranaki, at around 58m. Once the dominant tree in New Zealand swamps, its roots adapted to provide stability and reinforce the trees straight trunk. Today, kahikatea grows most commonly throughout New

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Southern Rata in flower nz Nurseries

Southern Rata Tree

The NZ Christmas Tree The Southern Rata is New Zealand’s Christmas tree. Releasing a gorgeous ref flower from December and January its beauty usually peaks around the Christmas Period. It’s long overdue to overtake the pine tree as a family focal point. Although we do love the idea of Kiwis going out once a year

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red and white Manuka

Manuka Tree

World Famous in New Zealand However, it is also a fantastic tree for forest regeneration. It’s one of the first trees to re-establish itself in deforested areas, with its taller cousin Kanuka usually establishing itself under the protective Manuka canopy before poking through and establishing a new forest height. The Manuka is lovely in flower,

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Ake Ake Statue NZ Nurseries

Ake Ake Tree

The Strong Tree Ake ake (Dodonaviea scosa) is an attractive and fast-growing shrub or small tree, with particularly hard wood that is prized by Maori for making taiaha and other weapons and tools. Ake ake is native to New Zealand, however is also found throughout the world. This resource has been created to help you

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