Kōwhai is one of the most beautiful flowering trees in New Zealand. Announcing the start of Spring it flowers early spring the Tui and Kereru love them. Help support the native bird pollution by increasing their food sources.

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Common Name: Kōwhai

Scientific Name: Sophora 

Height at Maturity:  7 – 12m

Time to Maturity: 15-20 years, flowers in 3-5 years

Growth Rate: Medium

Habitat: Dry and moist conditions, it is a hardy tree.

Domesticated Uses: A great garden specimen. Visually attractive, low maintenance and great for bird life. Is a good timber for furniture and cabinet work.

Medicinal Uses: Historically, a solution obtained from boiling the bark or the leaves was used on cuts, wounds and infections. However, all parts of the Kōwhai plant should be considered poisonous if ingested.

Forest Uses: Kōwhai is NZ’s only deciduous legume and nodules on the roots fix nitrogen.

Flowering: August to November

Fruiting/Nectar: September to November

Birds Life: Tui and Kereru and bees

Planting Instructions: Kōwhai prefer to grow in full sun and need good drainage.

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2.5 Litre Pot, 50mm pot, Root Trainer



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