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One of the classic NZ natives the Cabbage Tree / Cordyline australis can be found thriving in wet and open areas through out most of the country.

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Common Name: Cabbage Tree

Scientific Name: Cordyline australis/ ti kouka

Height at Maturity: 12 – 20 meters

Altitude: 0-1,000m

Time to Maturity: 10 years +

Growth Rate: Medium

Habitat: Growing throughout NZ in altitudes up to 1000m in most soil types. It can survive in dry ground but enjoys swamping areas as well. it is a great regenerative, frontier tree as it if found on the fringes of forests and in the open, but goes thrive best with supporting forest.

Domesticated Uses: The distinctive features and sweet smelling flowers makes the cabbage tree a nice addition in most situations.

Medicinal Uses: The roots have been used to make beer

Forest Uses: Good for regenerative areas in cleared land, slips and fires. There is currently a disease that originated in the North Island in 1987 that leads to the sudden die off in 3-12 months. Currently no cure, but more isolated trees seem to suffer more. More planting of these trees is highly encouraged to keep the population up.

Flowering: November – February

Fruiting/Nectar: ~December

Birds Life:  Most birds love to eat the fruit.

Planting Instructions: Plant after the last frost!

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