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Buxus shapes from nz nurseries

Buxus Hedge

Buxus, also known as boxwood, is a popular evergreen shrub that has been grown in gardens and landscapes for centuries. Known for its dense green foliage and slow growth habit, this versatile plant has been used in a variety of ways throughout history. From shaping into elegant topiaries to dividing garden beds, buxus has proven […]

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lancewood from nz nurseries

Lancewood Tree

NZ Lancewood: A Unique and Resilient Tree The NZ Lancewood or horoeka (Pseudopanax crassifolius) is a unique and fascinating tree that is indigenous to New Zealand. This tree is also commonly known as the “tough as nails” tree, which is a nod to its impressive strength and resilience. There are three different species of lancewood.

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Totara Forest from nz nurseries

Totara Tree

Totara Being one of the great Podocarps, the Totara tree is a the lord of the forest and has its been converted since first settlement in New Zealand. Referred to as ‘a chiefly tree’ due to its impressive 30m hight, the great girth of its trunk and high quality timber. The word Totara is derived

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