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The Ngaio / Myoporum laetum / Mousehole Tree is a hardy coastal tree. The Tui enjoys its ripening fruit, however the oils in its leaves and toxic to stock.

Common Name: Ngaio

Scientific Name: Myoporum laetum / Mousehole Tree

Height at Maturity: 10 meters

Altitude: 0-600m

Time to Maturity: 10 years

Growth Rate: Fast

Regions: Throughout the New Zealand

Habitat: A hardy plant that can take salt spray, tolerates mosts soils and prefers full sun.

Domesticated Uses: Being a hardy tree it will establish itself quick easily. it has a nice flower and the Tui love the fruit!

Medicinal Uses: Has historically been used as a mosquito and sandfly repellant, as well as for tooth aches.

Forest Uses: Likes lowland forests with Nikau, occasionally found in pure stands.

Leaves: Fleshy green leave that have yellow oil glands dotted over them.

Flowering Time: October – January

Flower Description: White with purple spots

Fruiting/Nectar: January – June

Birds Life: The Tui loves the ripening fruit of the Ngaio.

Toxicity: The oil in the leaves can cause sickness and/or death in livestock including horses, cattle, sheep and pigs causing liver damage.

Planting Instructions: Plant after the last frost!

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