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Lemon Wood


The Lemon wood  / pittosporum eugenioides/ Tarata grows well throughout the country, providing quick shelter and lovely scented leaves and flowers.

Common Name: Lemon Wood

Scientific Name: Pittosporum eugenioides / Tarata

Height at Maturity: 12 meters

Altitude: 0-600m

Time to Maturity: 10 years +

Growth Rate: Fast

Regions: Throughout New Zealand

Habitat: Growing throughout NZ in altitudes in low lying forests and along forest margins. Prefers cooler lowland and subalpine regenerating areas with good draining soil.

Domesticated Uses: Increasingly found in the household garden, as it is an attractive plant and has sweet scented flowers that the birds love.

Medicinal Uses: The crushed leaves and flowers have been mixed with plant oils for the scent, used as hair oils and perfume.

Forest Uses: Good for regenerative areas in cleared land, slips and fires. Grows fast and provides a good canopy for shelter the following generation of forest development.

Flowering Time: October – December

Flower Description: Yellow

Fruiting/Nectar: October – January

Birds Life:  Most birds love to eat the fruit and supports the bee population as well.

Planting Instructions: Plant after the last frost!

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