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The Rohutu / Lophomyrtus obcordata / tutuhi is spread throughout New Zealand, with a preference to the East Coast. Under attack from Myrtle Rust, this lovely tree needs some support. Supports bird life.

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Common Name: Rohutu

Scientific Name: Lophomyrtus obcordata / tutuhi

Height at Maturity: 8 meters

Altitude: 0-600m

Time to Maturity: 10 years +

Growth Rate: Fast

Regions: Throughout New Zealand, most predominately in the East

Habitat: Usually in lowland forest and forest edges from a coastal to montane altitudes.

Domesticated Uses: It is a reasonably easy tree to get different varieties. Somewhat attractive garden plant and can be hedged.

Medicinal Uses: n/a

Forest Uses: Found on the margins.

Leaves: The small leaves have a distinctive heart shape and a hairy underside.

Flowering Time: November – March

Flower Description: White

Fruiting/Nectar: Feb – May

Birds Life: Supportive

Planting Instructions: Plant after the last frost!

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