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Lancewood Tree

NZ Lancewood: A Unique and Resilient Tree The NZ Lancewood or horoeka (Pseudopanax crassifolius) is a unique and fascinating tree that is indigenous to New Zealand. This tree is also commonly known as the “tough as nails” tree, which is a nod to its impressive strength and resilience. There are three different species of lancewood. […]

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Southern Rata in flower nz Nurseries

Southern Rata Tree

The NZ Christmas Tree The Southern Rata is New Zealand’s Christmas tree. Releasing a gorgeous ref flower from December and January its beauty usually peaks around the Christmas Period. It’s long overdue to overtake the pine tree as a family focal point. Although we do love the idea of Kiwis going out once a year

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kowhai along a lake nz nurseries

Kowhai Tree

The vibrant and multi purpose Kowhai tree is a national treasure of New Zealand. There is something truly magical about seeing them in full yellow bloom surrounding peaceful spaces throughout New Zealand. Growing a Kowhai also helps to support the native bird pollution by increasing their food sources. This resource has been created to help

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