Pohutukawa Gift Tree

The gift that's

Sustainable Reusable Thoughtful Natural Beautiful Meaningful Zero Plastic Local

You are giving an understanding of your relationship with a person when give a loved one a present. A story that will be shared with friends and family in times to come.

Take your time to consider a thoughtful, lasting and memorable gift that reflects your value together at present and in the future.

Nurture this baby pohutukawa, in a lovely indoor pot, before finding that special spot to plant out for you all to enjoy over the years.

Just $59 each plus shipping!

Reasons They Will Love It

The thought that goes into a gift, expresses your connection with a person.

Pohutukawa flowering NZ Nurseries

NZ's Favourite Tree

Instead of foreign pine, celebrate a beautiful native Pohutukawa cultiver that will grow with more clear trunk and a tidier canopy that a usual Pohutukawa.

NZ Nurseries Ceramic indoor pots

A Beautiful Pot

Our lovely pots will be a feature of the living space

Super Soil

Get the best start with our Super Soil to provide a fantastic environment for your Pohutukawa to develop. It's mixed with 50% mushroom based compost to provide the best possible environment.

NZ Nurseries learning knowledge

Knowledge Cards

3 Cards detailing info on:

1) Caring For Your Tree;

2) Fun Facts, and:

3) Carbon Sequestering Info

NZ Nurseries Sustainability

A Sustainable Gift

Give your loved ones something with real meaning, that will grow alongside your relationship.

Zero Plastic nz nurseries

Zero Plastic

It is a ceramic Pot in cardboard packaging, so there is no plastic in the final present. We will reuse the plastic pots to grow the next generation of saplings, rather than shipping one time plastic pots around NZ.

Biodegrable nz nurseries

Bio degradable packaging

our durable packaging protects your gift while its find its way home.

Carbon Information

You Need To Plant 13 Native Trees each year to be Carbon Neutral

- If you are looking to be carbon neutral, then you need to plant 13 native trees a year over your life time.

- If possible, plant some really cool trees to help the native diversity, and bird population.

- Although it's not in ETS, the hypothetical future Carbon Credits earned over 50 years at todays price for one tree is $44.41.

The Perfect NZ Gift


Key questions and answers for your Pohutukawa

How long does a Pohutukawa Live?

Some of the longest estimates are for up to 1,000 years. A such they are slow growing, your tree will already be 12-18 months old.

Why are pohutukawa important?

Aside from the awesome tree structure and beautidul red flowering over summer, they are currently under threat from myrtal rust. Such an iconic tree needs it’s population levels to be helped as much as possible.

how much should I water it

Being a coastal tree they are a hardy tree, we would recommend at least every couple days, but they can handle dry periods. 

How much sun do they need

Your tree is a full sun tree, meaning it will need to live in a sun filled window. It will still be frost prone for the next 2 -3 years.

What part of the country will they grow in

Naturally a northern North Island, they will survive throughout most of the south Island as well, once they have got through the first 3-5 years without frost. Generally they will survive best outdoors at coastal altitudes

How much sun do they need

Your tree is a full sun tree, meaning it will need to live in a sun filled window. It will still be frost prone for the next 2 -3 years.

The Perfect NZ Gift