A frontier tree (for regeneration) that acts as a nursery for other trees particularly Podocarps , Kanuka plays an important role in regenerative efforts. Enjoys dry exposed ground, this smaller/narrow tree has scented leaves, white flowers which the bees love and also makes essentials oils!

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Common Name: Kanuka

Scientific Name: Kunzea ericoides

Height at Maturity:   7 – 10m

Time to Maturity: 10 year +

Growth Rate: Medium

Habitat: Dry and moist exposure areas in coastal to lowland shrub, although can get upto 1000m

Domesticated Uses: Bees/honey, shelter screen, firewood and essential oils (mainly p-cymene and a-pinene)

Forest uses: Regenerating forest, forest margins, and riparian areas

Flowering: October to February 

Fruiting: November to March

Birds Life: The bees love it. Research underway on the medicinal benefits

Planting Instructions: Plant from 1.5m to 2.5 meters apart.

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2.5 Litre Pot, Root Trainer



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