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The Totara / Podocarpus totara is an attractive evergreen tree with a historical timber. Its has short needle like leave densely held together. Historically of great importance as it was hollowed out to back waka or used in housing. One of the great NZ Trees, they can live to 1000 years or more.

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Common Name: Totara

Scientific Name: Podocarpus totara

Height at Maturity: 15-30 meters

 Time to Maturity: 50 to 100+ years

 Growth Rate: Slow

Habitat: Has a wide range of locations from exposed to shaded. A hardy tree that will generally grow anywhere, however does prefer good drainage.

Domesticated Uses: Great as a standalone specimen or kept as a hedge. Used on farms as stock tend to leave it alone.

Medicinal Uses: Historically the smoke was used for skin complained and fevers would be recorded as being reduced by boiling the bark.

Forest Uses: A dominant tree in a mature podocarp forest. 

Flowering: August to December (doesn’t really flower).

Fruiting/Nectar: Fruits March to May and Nectar from October to December.

Birds Life: Tui, Kereru and yellow crowned parakeet especially like the berries.

Planting Instructions: It will grow on a range of site, but does prefer sheltered sites with draining soil. Can plant from 2 meters apart depending on the effect you are after.

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